The iGaming Industry Throughout the Years

igaming industry throughout the years

When you think about it, many industries wouldn’t have made the leap forward if it weren’t for technological advancements. The casino industry is no exception and throughout the years it has made significant progress. It has remained on land and moved a significant portion of its operations online. The games and services offered are much more available and easier to come by thanks to technology. But when did it all start?

The Start of the Change

The 90s are responsible for pretty much all the changes in the industry today. With the Internet pretty much everything became available online and so the first online casinos started springing up. You needed to download some software to run them though, but it was a start, a start of something bigger.

The visuals of the games weren’t much and the payment options were limited. As time passed and technology evolved the software got better and so did the visuals. The games started improving and casino sites in general. As games make up a large part of the available products on a casino site, then it’s no surprise that they went through several changes.

Next-Level Casino Games

Table games and slot machines are the games that made up the game collection of casinos of old. Today’s land-based casinos still feature slot machines and table games but they’re automated ones that exist thanks to the many technological advancements. But these advancements also made the slot machines turn into online titles millions of gamers can enjoy. The same can be said for table games.

Roulette, poker, craps, baccarat, blackjack, and other kinds of table casino games are now a must-have part of any casino game’s collection. Moreover, they come in several variants which is why the tech advancements have enabled developers to envelop all these variants. So, not just European blackjack, but American and French blackjack variants are available.

The same thing goes for poker and all of its variants. Video poker makes sure to feature them as well and all poker variants come with an RNG to keep the game fair. These games can come with bonuses that casino fans can use if they want to. There are certain sites that specialize in finding bonuses and bonus codes for casino fans. One such site is which focuses on poker bonus codes. The main thing to remember about these kinds of sites and playing casino games is to do so responsibly.

Live variants of table games are also available and thanks to their design players can enjoy them on their desktop or the go on mobile devices. The technological influence is obvious. Slots are no different as there are lots of mobile-friendly slots available.

Thanks to tech advancements there are slots with all kinds of themes and features. So, you’ll notice classic, fruity, crime, animal, sports, video, and all other kinds of slot titles. The number of reels and the selection of prizes differ as well.

You’ll get slots with 5, 9, 10, and even 117,649 ways to win. Then you have the volatility level which ranges from title to title. All these things are possible thanks to the new and improved software that developers have access to. But games aren’t the only things that have improved because of technology.

The Casino Services

When it comes to the services of casinos, there have been many significant changes as well. The number of payment options has increased and many other industries have featured them as well. Credit and debit cards are common and so is the bank transfer method, but more and more casinos are offering e-wallets and alternative payment options like PayPal and Apple Pay.

On top of that, the customer service has increased significantly. You’ve got email addresses of tech support teams as well as toll-free phone lines that you can contact at any given time of day. These tech support options are combined with a live chat option that lets you get in touch with anyone from the tech support team. This way you’ll be able to solve your issues quickly and you won’t have to wait for hours to get a question answered.

The overall structure and responsiveness of the sites are much better than it was back in the day. The only problem you might run into is Internet connection troubles. Aside from that, the casino ensures the speed of every transaction as well as the security of your financial information.

Personal information is kept safe thanks to SSL encryption making casino sites a safe environment for any financial transaction. Sure the choice of withdrawal method will affect the time your winnings are transferred to your account, but they will be safely transferred there.


Technology has rebuilt the casino industry from the ground up. Just like the gaming industry, which underwent software and hardware changes, the iGaming industry wouldn’t be what it is today if it weren’t for the advancements in technology. As technology advances, so will the iGaming industry which means their relationship is far from over.

Author: Keith White